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Career Opportunities

Our tightly-knit team is constantly seeking for talents who believe life is infinite possibilities and would like to make a difference. Someone who smiles at challenges and loves to problem-solve. If you have the aptitude coupled with the attitude, email us at info@conceptlab.com.sg

Sales Manager

  • People-oriented, driven and dynamic individual with excellent soft skills
  • Strong problem solving (solution-focused) and decision making skills
  • Have at least two years of industry experience, action oriented, possesses good taste and an eye for detail
  • Independent with excellent time management skills and delivers when promised
  • Responsible, takes initiative and have a untiring “nothing is impossible” attitude
  • Good work practices and ethics

Art Director

  • Minimum 6-10 years of working experience an Art Director or graphic designer, with good proficiency with Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Proficiency with web (HTML, Flash, CSS) would be useful. Possess strong knowledge of final artwork and production skills
  • Ability to lead, inspire and grow the design team
  • Gifted and passionate about design with an eye for aesthetics and detail
  • Loves to problem-solve and takes responsibility and ownership in projects
  • Believes in integrity as a core value and upholds that
  • Effective communicator; do what is being promised
  • Ability to work fast and prioritise; effective management of multiple projects at one time

Senior Graphic Designer

  • Talented, creative individuals who are fun, passionate, professional and of integrity
  • Have at least 3-5 years of design experience with strong software skills, sound conceptual ideas, good taste and an eye for detail. Neat and organized with good work practices and ethics. Independent with excellent time management skills and delivers when promised.
  • Expected to be exceptionally responsible, work really hard (extra hours, if necessary), and share your great ideas with an attitude to value-add.

Web Designer

  • Strong web design and animation portfolio showing good conceptualization and execution skills
  • Proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash and Dreamweaver
  • In-depth knowledge of HTML, Flash and CSS
  • Familiarity with HTML 5, JavaScript, jQuery and Actionscript is an added advantage
  • An understanding of cross-browser/platform consistency and compatibility including mobile platforms.
  • An understanding of PHP, XML and SEO is preferred but not essential

Web Developer

  • Working knowledge in Database Design, MySQL and PHP
  • Strong skills in web technologies such as HTML/XHTML, CSS, Jquery, JavaScript and XML/AJAX
  • Knowledge of open source CMS systems (Joomla!)
  • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite softwares such as Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop and Illustrator, is advantageous
  • Knowledge of SEO/SEM with major search engines.
  • Knowledge of other online marketing tools, e.g. email marketing, competitive intelligence and etc.
  • Able to work independently


  • A creative thinker who can translate concepts, intelligence and wit into brilliant copy
  • Possesses excellent and versatile English writing skills, capable to deliver copy from advertising, publications to concept proposals and web architecture, web banners, EDMs as well as agency self-promotional materials
  • A team player, fast, effective and able to work independently


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Celebrating SG50 – Reminiscing Raffles Hotel Singapore Award-Winning Empire Beer Packaging

27 Jul 2015

Did you know that one of our first awards at Concept Lab is a packaging design that we did for Raffles Hotel? Tasked to create a beer packaging representative of Raffles Hotel, we look beyond the surface and came up with an award-winning idea. 

Flashing back to more than a decade ago, the design solution was one of innovation and creativity, whereby we challenged the norm of having a beer label being literally a paper label to be stuck on the beer bottle, and introduced the possibility of printing directly onto the bottle instead.

With the architecture of Raffles Hotel being such an iconic building in the Singapore landscape, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to leverage the icon on the beer packaging.

What’s more, Raffles Hotel is famous as a tourist attraction for photo-taking opportunities, with the building looking even more exceptionally captivating when it’s lit-up at night. It literally glows. 

Bingo! Hence our idea of letting the iconic building glow through the beer bottle, to direct print the graphics and thus allowing the golden rich brew to glow through the glass, as the natural colour filling the hotel façade outline printed on the bottle.

We are proud that the design solution is evergreen and as we believe, good design transcends through time.   


Brand identity

Celebrating SG50 – Reminiscing The Fullerton Hotel Singapore Brandmark Design

17 Jun 2015

Did you know that The Fullerton Hotel Singapore brandmark is designed by Concept Lab? As a first-part instalment of our reminiscence of past projects to give credit to what you see around Singapore today that we have made a difference to, we would like to share these glories as celebrating SG50 with our nation.

Our founder being born and bred in Singapore, set up Concept Lab in 1997. Eighteen years in the industry as a true blue local design agency definitely sets us apart from new kids on the block, where we pride ourselves understanding local culture and wanting to do design as a local agency with a full suite of services from branding, logo identity, to printing and production.

As part of heritage, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore brand identity bears an “f” letter mark from its Hong Kong parentage (similar to the current Fullerton Bay Hotel brandmark). Concept Lab recommended the possibility to leverage the fact that the physical premise of the hotel, built in 1928, was the centre of Singapore’s commercial, social and official life, once home to the nation’s General Post Office, The Exchange, Chamber of Commerce and The Singapore Club – all of which played a pivotal role in the history of Singapore, and proposed that using the architecture as part of the brand mark will create bigger value for The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

We were glad that the idea was well-received. The new brandmark also created value in merchandising for the Hotel, as tourists like to bring back a piece of heritage as souvenir. Today, the brandmark truly distinguished The Fullerton Hotel Singapore with its unique heritage as a luxurious 5-star property being transformed from the former General Post Office, a landmark building of all times in Singapore. It also received the Urban Redevelopment Authority Architectural Heritage Award in July 2001.


Web / Brand identity / Packaging

Calecim Brand Identity & Packaging

21 Mar 2014

Just like do you know what stem cells can do to your skin, do you know what good design can do to your brand?

Our client, Calecim, a revolutionary skincare brand leveraging the power of advanced stem cells systems developed to renew skin cells, experiences tremendous positive results with their new brand identity igniting enthusiasm in every channel that they presented the new look to. Check out the “before” and “after” photos here.

Positioned at the forefront of technology in the arena of luxury skincare to keep, we adopted a minimalistic approach to create a luxury brand identity in pared down silver against a sea of white. Accented with a dash of red, it represents the love and passion the brand embodies as part of a bigger mission to create a bigger world.

The new brand identity was extended to packaging of its key product – the Multi-Action Cream, as well as a 4-Week Serum Set with ampoules and a skin roller, we worked closely with the client and factory to design and produce the boxes.

Designed and targeted mainly at females though not leaving out male audiences interested to look at your optimal best, Calecim is currently available on www.calecim.com while its professional line is available through doctors. Moving forward, the brand is all set forth to create more offerings in 2014 and the years to come. 

On this International Women’s Day, we dedicate and share Calecim as our gift to all women out there! Love your cells and love yourself now!


Brand identity

Charging Complete – EMA Powering Lives Branding Exercise

06 Mar 2014

In today’s modern times, most of us take it for granted that energy and electricity are readily available to power our lives, and forget the value of the power sector and its existence. As part of Energy Market Authority (EMA)’s initiative to drive the growth and dynamism of the power sector, as well as to promote the critical role which energy has in powering lives, the Powering Lives branding exercise is launched to develop a consistent and recognisable visual identity of the power sector.

As the winning agency behind this sector-wide branding exercise, we were all powered up and plugged in to create a visual identity that generates high-power impact.

The result is a “Powering Lives” brandmark where “Powering” is designed to be connected to “Lives” thus reflecting the power sector’s critical role in sustaining Singapore’s economic growth and in powering our everyday lives – making city living more meaningful. Different tones of grey as a “serious” anchor tone to convey the importance and stability of the power sector, as well as the overall energy landscape. The play of colours signifies a “lighting up” effect that summarises the core purpose of the power sector, which is to power Singapore’s economy and people’s lives. The bright and vibrant colours also portray the power sector as dynamic and innovative, with a wide range of opportunities available

Strengthening the brandmark identity, we have also designed the brand element, a key visual asset of the “Powering Lives” branding system to graphically communicate how the power sector has been providing a consistent supply of energy to the people and “adding colours” to our daily lives. Simple in composition but strong in messaging, the power symbol represents the power sector whereas the energy line signifies how the power sector is connected to the consumers. In addition, by extracting the brand element from the existing “Powering Lives” brandmark, it reinforces the existing “Powering Lives” branding.

To complete this branding exercise, we were also tasked to put together a brand guide as well as to do up the set style of a series of branding and marketing collaterals, such as stationery, advertisement templates, marketing collateral templates, website, etc.

Charging complete!



It All Starts With You: Jebsen Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2013

20 Aug 2013

Absolutely love this piece of work. To answer to the client’s brief, which pre-decided this year’s theme as “it all starts with you”, we came up with a superhero concept for this year’s Jebsen corporate social responsibility (CSR) report, a literature to communicate the organisation’s clear vision and commitment to CSR, a determination to integrate economic, social and environmental considerations into organisational strategic operations.
The concept aimed to communicate the message that everyone can be a hero and has a heroic side in their own self. For example, there is a Superman in Clark Kent, and Spiderman inside Peter Parker. As such, everyone has the ability to make a difference to play a part in CSR efforts, and “it can be you”! Vector illustrations bring the concept to life, with concept pages for the three aspects that the CSR focusses on: Environmental Conservation, Staff Well-being and Philanthropy. The overall feel is a positive and light-hearted one that inspires and brings a smile upon the reader. As an online version, we specifically cater the document size for easy reading on computer screens and mobile devices. View the full report here: http://www.jebsen.com/PageDisplay.aspx?did=b42acdfb-e123-4b91-929e-0b9d519fda35 So who can you take on being to the hero of our environment?


A New Future for www.futuristicgroup.com

20 May 2013

With current trends and the predictable future where digital technology pervades the physical world, we see an increased pick-up of e-jobs and clients updating their website to keep up with surfing on mobile devices. The design and outlook of a website also becomes more important as a branding tool commanding online presence, while design focuses expand beyond aesthetics to encompass user experience.
Futuristic Group recognises that and engaged us to revamp their website, which is delivered with a CMS for fast and easy updates on news, events and portfolio. As a retail store fixtures specialist that can undertake projects from concept execution to on-site installation for global retail roll-out, their clients include many big brands worldwide, whereby many a times the website is used as a platform to get overseas client to log on for reference. A neat structure forms the basis of the website, coupled with splashes of bright colours against a black background, as well as a cool touch-and-hide interactivity bar that allows the full showcase of each page’s photos. The result is a simple yet sleek interface that is easy for users to navigate and for the client to maintain on their own, kudos to the extensive backend programming that was done.


First IPO-listed Website www.corous360.com

26 Nov 2012

Being part of DeClout Limited (listed in October 2012) as one of its subsidiaries, we are proud to have delivered the website of Corous360 (www.corous360.com), a leading independent online games cloud service provider.


Combining jQuery with HTML, we feature a sliding background of the game characters, animated with effects to complete the gaming feel. A backend CMS completes the project to enable easy update of contents from the client.

With technology evolving at lightning speed, it is a constant challenge for businesses to upkeep their online presence catering to the whims and fancies of users’ needs on various mobile devices. And similarly for us, a design agency’s business has also grown from focusing on print-only to having branched out to include interactivity as an indispensable service arm.



Ascott Cubby – Defining Mascot Design

13 Jul 2012

A well-designed mascot to represent a brand or identity always engages the target audience well by triggering positive feelings and emotions. It also has to be distinctively recognisable, with a myriad of application possibilities. The Ascott Cubby is one.

This little bear goes far. It started off as a Kids’ Club mascot for the serviced residences under the Ascott Limited. We took the brief and created an endearing bear that melts all hearts, which subsequently borne the name Cubby, targeting on the emotional aspect to connect with the end user, i.e., children. While it has the flexibility to be used on its own, Cubby also formed the identity of the Ascott Kids’ Club and was subsequently produced in a series of items by the client, from a children’s backpack, colouring book, T-shirts, to name a few. Cubby further took on the role of ambassadoring key campaigns, such as “Go Green with Ascott”, of which Green Cubbies were created, as well as internal messages to staff, not featured here. The Green Cubbies were equally well-received among adults, and produced as a tote bag, plush toys, thumbdrives, Earth Day posters, to name a few, by the client. You can even wear the Green Cubby as a facebook badge on your profile picture (http://www.picbadges.com/go-green-with-ascott/2568055/)! Cubbies, anyone?



We Care - Jebsen Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2012

20 Jun 2012

We love the recently completed Jebsen Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report completed. Inspired from how clothes' care instruction labels are designed, we created our own care instruction label as "A Guide to Understanding Jebsen's Commitment to CSR" to craft the main message of the Report.

Simulating the icons on care labels, we designed a series of icons representing "Environment Conservation" (a whale), "Staff Well-Being" (a heart), "Philanthropy" (a ribbon), "External Stakeholders" (a microphone), just to name a few, including a myriad of other icons for each section of the Report, adding interest to each topic.

With sustainability being the recent buzzword, it is a sign of social progression to see more and more organisations using CSR to embrace responsibility for their actions, and Concept Lab is happy to be part of all this through our own CSR efforts (http://www.conceptlab.com.sg/csr.htm) as well as using our creativity and design capabilities in other CSR projects.

The full report is available for viewing on www.jebsen.com.


Outdoor design

Designing Recycling

17 Apr 2012

Good design communicates, and we like the idea that if one is passionate about the subject matter, it speaks for itself in the result of the design.

Being protective of our environment and keen on green issues, we were excited when tasked to work on the recycling message on the recycling trucks, with a practical objective to differentiate the two types of recycling trucks: Garden Waste and Woodchip Waste.

Our tagline and creative interpretation solution encompass a simple illustration, using the specific waste to form the recycling sign. Garden Waste is formed by twigs and leaves, while Woodchip Waste is formed by bits of wood chip board from construction demolishing work. We like it because the result is a clear, recognisable message that transcends through language. We also projected the client as professional yet adding a warm and personal touch to its image of an environmentally-friendly company.


Brand identity

Mission Impossible Possible - ASVIDA Naming and Corporate Identity

09 Feb 2012

We were tasked with a three-week timeline to name and do up the corporate identity of an IT company. The brief was to retain "AA" as its acronym (which was their old name) and of which the second word is Asia.

Working closely with the client, we came up with a creative amalgamation of inspiring words that alludes to the spirit of the Company - to represent ASVIDA ASIA as a proactive and dynamic industry player with the drive to Ascend, future technologies that we Aspire to embrace, as well as the vision to transform businesses into valuable Assets. All delivered with "Vida" - the Spanish word for "life", ASVIDA embodies a better quality of life through constant innovations, and leads us to the symbol, the ASVIDA circle of life, inspired by a power-on sign, the recycling symbol, as well as showing energy directing into the centre formed by two arrows from the "V" and "A", depicting the core business in giving IT equipment a fresh, new lease of life. Hence, the tagline "Breathing Life into Your IT Assets". ASVIDA also epitomises a company backed by years of experience with a strong focus on Asia, as well as an established, reliable network in the region. Suitably reflected in the ASVIDA name, this is visually represented with the inclusion of 'ASIA' within it, set in a solid and powerful sans serif font. The colours of the purple and grey add to an efficient and professional tone that reflects ASVIDA's commitment. The name was extended to one of their products' name - VIVA365, representing life throughout the year, 24/7. Visually, the VIVA365 logo shows the eleventh hour, representing round the clock service, keeping clients' IT business alive. The logos were applied to the design of corporate stationery items, as well as email signatures and a quick touch-up on the existing website with the new brand elements due to the tight timeline. All in 3 weeks! Results delivered and we have a happy client - her testimonial said it all. We would also like to thank the client - Ms Kow Ya - and her team for the trust, commitment, as well as the friendship that grew out from this project. Thank you to our designers who made this mission impossible possible too! We believe that with a committed team, everything is really, quite possible.



Carne Meats Beef Packaging in Cold Storage!

03 Oct 2011

Retail packaging projects provide the exciting and proud moments to see our own design creations produced and found on the stores’ shelves. We are very proud to be the design agency behind creating the Carne Meats brand identity – a premium brand of quality meats products that doesn’t cut corners, as well as branding (naming, copywritig, photography art direction) its range of packaging items ranging from low-sodium sausages to yummy-licious wagyu beef patty.
Check out the latest range of packaging of the beef patties in selected Cold Storage. The idea is to have a brand identity representing wholesome goodness and honest quality that appeal to the most discerning consumers yet maintaining a friendly image. At a B2B level, we also produced a hard cover sales catalogue folder with product inserts.


Say Hello to Jebsen Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2011

11 May 2011

“Hello! Planet Earth is calling us.”

For the second year in running, we were tasked to design the Jebsen Group’s CSR report, intentionally kept as an e-version so as to remain environmentally friendly.

CSR is no child’s play but the work done for the future of our children. That’s our theme this year, with an appeal from Planet Earth for green efforts with the next generation in mind. 

The visuals are done up to illustrate the communication from a kid’s perspective, on a large chalkboard with chalk writing. Subtle details such as the “flipping page” effect on the top right corner of each page also hints that whatever the Jebsen Group does, they will always think further, with considerations on how its actions will affection the next generation.
The clean layout and clear typography also reflect the clear direction and accountability of Jebsen as a socially responsible corporate citizen, committed to sustained value for people, planet and profit.